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"Two roads diverged in the wood, & I took the one less traveled by & that has made all the difference" -Robert Frost


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Amanda changed my life introducing me to this plant medicine to help with the cure of addiction. It's super important to stay connected with someone like Amanda after the initial ibogaine treatment, she is more than a coach, she literally heals. I truly and honestly could not of done this without her. Thank you will just never suffice!

Lexi Hart

Working with Amanda, has been extremely transformative! Her ability to move energy, dissolve blocks, and help you step into your higher self, is truly one of kind. This beautiful soul radiates unconditional love for everyone, and is very gifted at what she does.
If you're looking for enlightenment and to further your capabilities as a spiritual being having a human experience, Amanda is a solid choice for coaching you on your journey!!

Ricky Zicarelli

No one will make you feel better about yourself than Amanda! She is so patient & understanding you will always trust you are on the right path, even when it doesn't feel like it. She helped me believe in my power again & that is worth everything!"

Jen Gebhart

After getting clean and clear headed with the assistance of Ibogaine I was lost in a Forrest of mirrors, not knowing who I was or what to do with my life. Amanda is much like a wilderness guide when you're lost, keeping you on the right path when you simply don't know which path to take. She's been there and can help cultivate belief and confidence in oneself when there is none left after years of trauma and addiction robs us of this vital inner light. Highly recommend this understanding, non judgemental individual with a very special light of her own that can help guide you through the challenges we all face when suddenly confronted with a freshly sober reality. 

Sean Montgomery


My Story

After experiencing many many traumas by age 25, an 8 year long abusive relationship with opiates, in & out of jails & treatment centers, and diagnosed with an array of mental health disorders, I frankly had nothing left to lose & very little hope left. With my last shred of hope I sought the spirit of Iboga for healing. 

That was 8 years ago now & I can tell you with certainty that it was the best decision I ever made. However, I can also tell you that as powerful & transformative as this medicine is, it's what you DO with it afterwards that makes all the difference. I did not have anywhere to turn for advice on how to integrate what I had just experienced. Who was I supposed to be now? How do I get there? What step can I take next? It was an overwhelming task to take on alone, but I did it one step at a time, & not without a few bumps & lessons on the road.

Over the last 8 years I have accumulated a well of knowledge, tools, & practices that changed my life beyond comprehension & it is my passion to share these tools with others. I wanted to be the person I needed after my experience, & that is why I created Harmony I Am, & that is what I hope to share with you!


My approach to coaching

"True life is lived when tiny changes occur" - Leo Toltsoy

First, I want you to pat yourself on the back for choosing yourself! Change can be scary, so the willingness to change takes a lot of courage, but willingness & an open mind are all you need to make lasting & impactful changes to your life one step at a time! I am so proud of you for making it this far!

Together we will explore a multitude of healing techniques & healthy coping mechanisms for you to lean on after your experience. I come with a well of knowledge on different tools & techniques I have gathered through out the years that we can experiment with. Because what may work for some does not work for another I really like to meet you were you are at & find what will work best for you & your lifestyle. If you let it, this can be a time of play & curiosity! Who do YOU want to be!? Keeping a playful & curious spirit really invokes your inner child again, where all things are possible.

If you are working with ibogaine: We will connect prior to your experience to go over any questions you may have & best prepare you for what is ahead. I will leave you with some tools & ways to surrender to the medicine to gain the most of your experience & go over any goals you have & what events brought you to seek the medicine.

Change will never be easier then after your experience. The spirit of Iboga wants to show you what has been holding you back, what you no longer need to carry with you, & what you are capable of! It will show you your divine & infinite nature, & inherent connection to all that is! Sounds beautiful right? Well it is, but when you have just come from a lifetime shame & guilt, self abandonment & unhealthy coping skills it can be a lot to process, face & integrate, So I am here to make sure you don't have to face it alone!

I provide a safe, zero judgement, trauma informed care approach that meets you where you are at, & listens with an open mind & open heart to help you navigate these new perspective shifts & next steps on your journey. As someone who has truly been where you are I know the importance of having that validation & being seen & heard & loved for all of my power & flaws. I hope to help you discover that you were never broken to begin with; that every part of your past plays a role in who it is that you're meant to be, & on the other side of what we call addiction is EMENCE power & huge just need the tools to hone them & use them to propel yourself forward! 

I also am aware that not everyone can afford to have an ibogaine experience right now, with the crazy state of the World. Don't lose hope! Luckily over the years I have worked with many different plant medicines, adaptogens, fungi's, herbs & supplements that are also incredibly helpful & beneficial for people who are looking to transform their lives, mental health & overall sense of self & well being with the help of natural medicine. Not to mention the various other psychedelic experiences that nature has provided for us that are more easily accessible in the US but also truly require work to integrate into our realties. Fortunately our Mother has provided us with SO many ways & tools to heal & we can work together to see what is going to be best for you!

Some of my techniques include but are not limited too: Reiki/Chios/Pellowah energy healing, Cognitive behavior therapy (rewiring our thought patterns), Theta healing (belief system healing) Sound healing, herbs & medicinal plants, micro dosing, human design (your energy blueprint & how you are best meant to function & make decisions), breath work & various meditation techniques & more!

Coaching is done in packages from one month to 3 months (following 3 sessions if you are with Riviera Maya) & includes weekly one on ones, your human design chart, the option to get attuned in energy healing techniques, & loads of tips, tricks, tools, & consistent access to me via phone or text! I also do offer an intake appt to go over a plan for you, what your goals consist of, & see if we are a good fit!

***(I am willing to work with most people on payment plans & options. I do offer discounts when purchasing more then one month at a time because the more time we can have together the better)***

Ocean Rocks

"Our virtues & our failings are inseparable, like force & matter once separate man exists no more"
- Nikola Tesla


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